Join the FIFA School Video series, learn at your own pace with a progressive learning system which builds upon each episode. Guarantee improvement in your gameplay or your money back, whatever your level. for more information!

FIFA School Online Course

The FIFA School online course is like no other video series than any other competition offers. I can almost guarantee you will improve on FIFA – or your money back. It is a very intricate and heavily research driven series, in which there are in-depth videos with advanced tutorials explaining what to do for every level of FIFA. Including XBOX/PS4/PS5 Controls, to know what I am pressing during the tutorials. These are not like typical YouTube videos, these are hour-upon-hours of footage, video analysis and advance tutorials explaining everything from the basics of a camera angle can help you improve, all the way to the most effective way of scoring.

These videos have been carefully designed & tested by multiple skill levels to ensure you gain the most amount of knowledge no matter what the skill group is. The video is in a progressive learning system, in which, you progressively move through the videos and learn on top of the previous episode. Therefore, you are always learning, new videos are uploaded and this systematic system will help you develop as a FIFA player.
Although the system is carefully designed for FIFA 23, it also expands your knowledge which applies to all FIFAs making you a better player overall.  There are also many benefits of joining FIFA School such as discounts off coaching, trading advice & team and squad building advice, which come alongside a price undercutting almost all competition.


As previously mentioned FIFA School Online Course is a progressive learning system with new videos constantly being uploaded. These videos are in extreme detail and I can almost guarantee you will become better FIFA player – or I will refund your money, no loss on your end! You may have seen similar competition with simpler videos, costing almost quadruple what I am charging without offering all the benefits I have to offer at fraction of the cost.

Included in the FIFA School Online course you will have access to the VIP Discord and have trading information for ultimate team, Access & priority in the Discord VIP section, squad reviews and general FIFA question you may have. You will also get a VIP badge during my livestreams in which you will get the squad reviews completely for free.

The idea is that you watch the video series from the beginning, and progressively if you implement what I have taught you, after each video, learning by watching the tutorial, live commentary and scenario type videos. I can guarantee you will improve on FIFA, or I will refund your money – as of yet, I have no refunds yet.

Please see the different tiers and view what there is on offer, as if you are of a certain tier on Patreon, you may have certain benefits that other tier do not. I would suggest checking out FIFA school, it is relatively cheaply priced, for advanced in-depth video content with explanations/scenarios that cannot be found on YouTube.
If you are considering singing up for FIFA school and 1-on-1 coaching, as many clients do, you may want to consider a higher tier if would like to conduct multiple sessions, as for example, joining the Elite tier will give you a discount of on all coaching services, and will be more cost effective for you in the long run.

Please see the Patreon page for more information (

Just to verify, unfortunately you cannot align Twitch Subs / YouTube Members with Patreon, and therefore it is a separate entity, so I cannot combine memberships.
If you would like access to FIFA school please purchase so on my Patreon. If you want the benefits of a Twitch Membership and Supporting me with the additional Squad Reviews access in the Discord, you can purchase your membership on Patreon instead.

How do I book/access FIFA school?

Access to FIFA School is automatic and be accessed online on Patreon. Please read all of the information regarding the different tier, as certain tiers offer more benefits than others. Most of the information is on the website, but if you do have any further questions, feel free to also email me with any additional questions that you may have.

You can sign up to Patreon and you will automatically have access to the videos and please ensure as soon as you sign up, that you link your discord to your membership (found under my Membership).

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