1-on-1 Interactive Coaching / Gameplay Analysis

1-on-1 Interactive Coaching:
Interactive Live coaching is a popular option, and arguably the most effective coaching option, for those looking for a more personalised and tailored approach. A personal one-on-one coaching session with NealGuides in which we go over & analyse your gameplay in detail together to understand your strengths & weakness and visually show where to improve and how to become a better FIFA Player.

Firstly, before the actual coaching session, I will in on my own time analyse and dissect one of your games to the nth degree & detail understanding: how you play, strengths & weakness, your thought process & key areas of improvement. Your gameplay is overviewed  and each key moment is time-stamped & well documented to be used in the coaching session.

Upon the analysis being completed, we will then organise a 1-on-1 Live Interactive Coaching session in which we will go over the gameplay, I will annotate & analyse your gameplay for you to see, manipulating key areas of the video to explain to what personally you are doing wrong and what you can do to improve.

Typically, these sessions are an hour-long discord session and are interactive. You can ask questions about anything aspect of FIFA whether its regarding your gameplay or even tactics & team building. The key is to go over the game and show you where visibility you are going wrong or making repeated mistakes. I will then pinpoint key areas for you to concentrate your strengths on and elements to improve and practice after the session. These sessions are also recorded, upon request, for you to view back in your own time, for you to review, implement and improve.

If you would like to conduct multiple sessions, please let me know in advance where a roadmap can be developed. The option to arrange sessions where we play each other is also a possibility, for both XBOX & Playstation Users.

I would strongly suggest you consider the FIFA school series first, It is the most efficient and cost effective method to improve, as it teaches everything you need to know first, and then coaching is available if you need further assistance. Most students improve dramatically after initially going through the FIFA School videos, and once they have applied the principles, they seek a Coaching session to further improve their ability, reinforce what they have practice and for analysis on their gameplay. If you are time-sensitive and not a member of FIFA School, you can also receive coaching as well.

Pricing (1-on-1 Interactive Coaching & Gameplay Analysis)

How do I book a 1-on-1 coaching session

1-on-1 Interactive Coaching:For 1-on-1 Coaching session, please read the following sections before emailing me to ensure you fully understand the process to avoid any confusion. After coaching for some time and obtaining constant feedback from my consumers, I found that the best way for you to learn and to improve is to actually record an initial video of your gameplay. It is important, that I analyse your patterns & understand how you play, where your faults are, and where you can improve and do better. Then we can through the footage together with live interactive analysis, so you can ask questions and I can show you different situations and scenarios to improve or do differently.

In terms of coaching, my aim is to be efficient & professional as possible. I am not here to waste your time nor to prolong coaching sessions to charge additional fees as many coaches do, my aim is to coach to the best of my ability and be as efficient and informative as possible.

If you are interested in Coaching session please prepare a footage of your gameplay, even if you are only considering Gold Coaching as it’s still very important to see your gameplay. I will ideally need a gameplay of a loss, so I can analyse how you play under pressure when you are losing, this is important as many people play differently when losing.
Ideally, if you could send a balanced game where you are losing or lose, but you still have some attacking clips, so I can see both aspects of your gameplay, not just the defensive aspect. You can find out how record/prepare your gameplay in the following section.

I will also like to know basic knowledge on what console you are on, how long you have been playing, where do you normally average in Division Rivals / FUT Champions.

You may also need to prepare a screenshot of your team, if you are playing ultimate team and the current tactics you are using in the gameplay video that you send. This is not compulsory, but will provide some additional information, as many of you know, when it comes to gameplay & Tactics/Instructions that is my expertise, and this way we can work a viable tactical set up for you.

Please kindly subject the email/message as Coaching, followed your name, what coaching package you would like & how many, Information such as your average rank in weekend league / division rivals, team & tactics and any other information/questions or specific requests or aspects of gameplay you will like me to focus on. Then I will message you back and we can organise date and payment. Note: All coaching services are to be paid in advance before a date has been confirmed.
If you are interested, kindly send the following information to or you can direct message me on Discord if you are in the NealGuides Channel.

How do I record my Gameplay / Footage?

In order to upload your Gameplay / Footage, it is really quite simple for PS4 users as all you need is a YouTube account to upload the video and the console itself, whereas unfortunately for XBOX users, it is a bit more complicated. Note: You do not need a capture card to record footage using these methods.

PlayStation 4
You can upload your gameplay to YouTube without the need for any external advice on PS4. Here is a video tutorial I created explaining it all:
on how to record your Gameplay / Footage on your PS4 and upload it to your YouTube channel. This video was recorded last year on my alternate account for FIFA 19, but still works for FIFA 22.

The reason why YouTube is a good place to store to upload your gameplay is that you can progressively see what you did last week, and what you changed and see the progress yourself, visually, or if you have made an incorrect change to your game and would like to go back, you can just check. Just ensure when you upload the video, you put it as unlisted so only you and I can see it.

Just do not forget to keep the clip under 15 minutes, so if you need trim the clip feel free to do so.
Also do not forget to turn off music before you record your clip, on the FIFA 22 Main Menu
go to > Customise > Settings > Game Settings > Audio > Menu Music Volume – turn this to 0 as youtube sometimes may block a video due to music being in the background

Unfortunately, as of now currently there is no efficient way to record footage without it being an inconvenience, but there is one main efficient way. What you want to do is essentially stream before you play a game & send me the footage after. Because XBOX does not have the current infrastructure to allow recording game clips over 10 minutes, it does become problematic, therefore the best way is to stream the game. There are two ways, to stream via Mixer or Twitch and subsequently send me the broadcast after you have played and recorded the footage.

Twitch: Since Mixer has now gone, the only way you could do it efficiently is if you download the Twitch application, Sign up and stream to Twitch, and then send me the Video after, but again ensure you open up Twitch, go to Settings > Channel & Videos and ensure you check the box “Archive Broadcasts”.
This way it is made available for us to see it and then send me the link.
Here is a brief video tutorial:
After this, for XBOX users, if you want to upload it to YouTube you will need a PC. If you do have a PC you can then download the stream via Mixer/Twitch by logging into the browser version, and then upload it to YouTube if you would like to save the gameplay. However, you can send me the past broadcast and we can view it on mixer/twitch if it is too much of an inconvenience.

Also do not forget to turn off music before you record your clip, on the FIFA 22 Main Menu go to > Customise > Settings > Game Settings > Audio > Menu Music Volume – turn this to 0 as youtube sometimes may block a video due to music being in the background!

Please also ensure you record your controller on the screen, please see this link on how to do it

How and where does the coaching take place?

The software I would recommend is Discord ( it is a free software used commonly amongst gamers, and you can even use it in your browser. However, I would recommend making an account and we can organise the coaching session and conduct  the coaching session it on Discord, it’s very similar to skype, however it’s much better and you can use it anywhere, from your PC (recommended) to your phone and even your tablet. Discord is more user friendly and generally is much better, it allows me to share my screen, show you live examples and analysis and even allows me to show you my PlayStation so I can show you live examples.

The key is availability, you can do this anywhere in the world as long as you have a device (computer/tablet/phone), a microphone and an internet connection.

The most common question I get is what about booking times. No matter where you are in the world we can arrange a time, I am very flexible just contact me with your request ( or you can direct message me on Discord [server:] and we can arrange a time that suits you.
As of April 2021, as I am from the United Kingdom the time zone can be found here:

The coaching sessions for now will be in English, as many of you are aware. I do speak other languages, however, my fluency levels in those other languages are not adequate to provide a comprehensive coaching session on, so for now the coaching language will be in English.

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